We are a student-led and run engineering team from The Thomas Hardye School Sixth Form.
Our main competition is Jaguar Land-Rover 4x4 in Schools. A highly demanding engineering and innovation challenge.
We are a student-led and run engineering team from The Thomas Hardye School Sixth Form.
Our main competition is Jaguar Land-Rover 4x4 in Schools. A highly demanding engineering and innovation challenge.

Our Values

Motto - Professionalism


Team Identity

We believe in a strong team identity. We aim to strike a strong bold image in the eyes of fellow competitors and judges alike. Our uniform has a unique design which stands out from the crowd of plain t-shirts often seen in the competition.
Our graphic design contributes to this, with the harsh contrast of red and black we create a unitary style which is apparant on everything we present. Nevertheless, we don't compromise for good design which looks and feels appealing, and thanks to our sponsors we have been able to deliver that as a team for 3 years.



We live and go to school in the beautiful county of Dorset, of which the majority is designated as an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), and we believe it is our duty to safeguard our home for the future.
This sustainability factor is what drived us to use 100% recycled paper for our body shell in both the South-West regionals and UK nationals, but also to use recycled plastic for our 3D printed components. This wouldn't have been possible without the help of our sponsors who believed in what we were creating.



In a remote controlled car the common perception is that you are limited to the basic steering, with basic power and off-the-shelf parts. We want to prove that misconception wrong, we want to create a gearbox which optimises our power over rough terrain, one which could rival a Land Rover. We want to create something which the engineer judges from Land Rover haven't seen. Something completely new and never before thought about. and thanks to our sponsors and innovative skills we've managed to create something completely new this year.

A well-formed team with 3+ years experience.


1st Place - UK National Finals
Best Overall Project - Big Bang @ The Tank Museum
Team Identity Award - UK National Finals
2nd Place - South West Regionals


Best Engineered Vehicle - South West Regionals
Best Track Performance - South West Regionals
1st Place - South West Regionals
Judges Choice Award - UK National Finals
4th Place - UK National Finals


Best Track Performance - South West Regionals
1st Place - South West Regionals
Innovative Thinking Award - UK National Finals
Best Track Performance - UK National Finals
4th Place - UK National Finals
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The Competition
The challenge involves between three and six team members working together to design and build a radio controlled four-wheel drive (4x4) vehicle, to set specifications. The vehicle must be able to successfully negotiate a specially designed test track emulating real life and it must perform as a full scale 4x4 vehicle would do in an off-road situation.

We compete in the Professional class, meaning our car is completely our own design and engineering. We have to produce pit-side displays, prepare 10-minute verbal presentations, 30-minute engineering talks, as well as a project portfolio documenting our road to the competition. It is a tough challenge, and the competition each year is fierce. However, as a team we believe in the best finish possible, and thanks to our dedication (and sponsors) we were able to realise our dream of reaching the international finals.


The Car

Our body is modelled after modern 4x4 cars in production today. The main material used in the body is recycled paper from our school. This keeps the body extremely lightweight and performant while remaining sustainable. Our Chassis was based on a symmetrical trapezium to enable a 4-wheel steering system. We decided to use lightweight plywood sustainably sourced and then laser cut into the needed shape. The electronics are controlled by an Arduino board, running C, and a 2.4Ghz radio reciever.
In the future we're looking to step forward with new materials and techniques to create a car that can practically drive itself.
Of course this is not the full technical specification of our car, we are keeping our best features for reveal on the day, however, we are always thinking of new ideas to forward the technology and engineering inside the car, and would be grateful of any help (whether from an industry professional, or in funding for our competition) you can provide, just get in contact. Thank you.

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The Team

Team Leader - Barneymore_vert
Barney - Team Leaderclose

Barney is an outstanding team leader who is there when the team needs him most. He never steps away from the challenge and always engages with everything the team is doing, even when it's not his speciality

Manufacturing - Joelmore_vert
Joel - Manufacturing Engineerclose

Joel is a dedicated and inventive member of the team, who uses his CAD skills to solve the team's manufacturing problems. His eye for graphic design is paramount in creating the team's branding.

Design - Jeffmore_vert
Jeff - Design Engineerclose

Jeff is an experienced team member with a steady hand, who puts in 110% with everything he does. He creates innovative and sustainable ideas to combat the team's design problems

Electronics - Jamesmore_vert
James - Electronics Engineerclose

James is a inventive member who uses his knowledge of the latest technology and electrical skills to keep the team's electronics smarter and faster than the competition.

Mechanics - Jacobmore_vert
Jacob - Mechanical Engineerclose

Jacob is a new and enthusiastic team member who jumps straight into the tough problems. His innovative and radical solutions to the teams mechanical problems keep the team one step ahead on the track

A team with passion for innovation and experimenting with new technologies.
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Contact Us

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